Goals of Hot Stone Massage Workshop

Students will gain all the information and skills necessary to perform safe, extremely relaxing, therapeutic hot stone massage.

Goals of Day I: 

1.  Learn basic information necessary to start doing hot stone massage

2.  Get comfortable giving a relaxing hot stone massage       

          Learn multiple strategies to manage comfortable, safe, therapeutically effective stone temperature                       

       Safely and effectively utilize placement stones

       Learn how to give an incredibly relaxing hot stone massage primarily based on Swedish Massage

       Incorporate Reflexology techniques

       ¶ Incorporate Compression 

Goals of Day II:

1.  Students will be introduced to and begin to practice incorporating the use of hot stones (and cold stones) into treatment techniques such as:

  ¶  Trigger Point release

  ¶   Pin and Stretch

  ¶  Myofascial Release

  ¶  Contrast Hydrotherapy

  ¶  Acupressure