Zefire Skoczen, LMP, LAc, MTCM

Zefire is a licensed massage practitioner, licensed acupuncturist and certified instructor in the state of washington.  She has been practicing massage in diverse settings since 1992.  She is a tenured faculty member at Renton Technical College where she teaches the entire curriculum of a 1,092 hour massage program.  

Zefire loves doing hot stone massage.  She has taught hot stone massage to many students, from those who are in their 1st 1,000 hour introduction to massage to those who are in their 3rd decade of successful practice.  

Zefire's Teaching Philosophy

Zefire has a creative, dedicated, enthusiastic approach to teaching.  She incorporates multiple teaching strategies in order to help each student learn.  

"Every student has their own learning styles, strengths, experiences and challenges.  It's exciting to help each student succeed and to see their unique skills blossom."

"I enjoy helping massage practitioners learn to utilize techniques in a way that works optimally with their unique approach to massage."  


What Zefire's Students Have to Say

"Zefire is a fabulous instructor.  I am very impressed at how many different things she comes up with to help everyone learn."

"I appreciate how Zefire takes the time to explain things in different ways so everyone can relate."

"Zefire is very patient with every student and that makes for an excellent learning environment. Yay!!!!!!!!!!"

"Zefire has a way of making things fun and puts things into everyday perspective."